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  About The Copyright Law Journal

The Copyright Law Journal brings you in-depth analysis of recent important cases in copyright law. In each issue, several cases are discussed, analyzed, and placed into perspective with decisions by other courts. Unlike the brief synopses offered by other services, each case study in The Copyright Law Journal provides a detailed statement of facts, detailed explanation of the court's opinion, and extensive comments comprising valuable insights and Practice Tips.

The Copyright Law Journal was founded, and solely written, by Neil Boorstyn from 1984 through the Mar-April 2016 issue. Neil, who passed away on March 1, 2016, was Of Counsel to current publisher of The Copyright Law Journal, Owen, Wickersham & Erickson, P.C.. Neil was one of the country's leading copyright and computer law experts. His extensive experience as a copyright lawyer, litigator, consultant, teacher, lecturer, writer and court-appointed Special Master made The Copyright Law Journal a unique resource for copyright practitioners. Under the new authorship of Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Neil's student, mentee and colleague, The Copyright Law Journal continues to provide the valuable and unique perspective of a seasoned copyright practitioner.

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The Copyright Law Journal :
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